Suede Leather Shoes (Agidel - - $120 in Lethbridge, Alberta for sale


I'm the owner of Agidel, Kris Roxas. This is Agidel's first
week of launching and this is a Canadian company.

I'm giving every person who buys a pair of V.V. Suedes
free shipping, no taxes, and 2 free pairs of high-quality cot-
ton socks.

Seriously. When you buy your pair, we'll give you all that
plus give you that plus you'll be our homeboy.

Great for looking handsome, walking into coffee shops, and
getting compliments (if you like being complimented, this is the
pair for you).

We're able to offer such a good deal because 1. we factored it
into our price. That's the obvious one. And 2. because we're a
new brand and wanna start off with a bang. We're willing to take
a reasonably smaller cut if that means fair prices to our customers.
And 3. this is our only product at the moment so our minimum
order isn't spread out between multiple products.

If you feel like these shoes wasted even one second of your time,
we'll give you a 110% refund (yes, you read that correctly, one
hundred ten percent). No questions asked. No hassle. For 365 days.

Buy within launch week (now until January 31, 2014) and get a
handwritten letter from me personally. (Optional: your choice
of written while I'm stone sober or destroyingly drunk.) First 100
customers get shoutouts on Facebook and Twitter.

We can't ship out until 60 orders. Our minimum order quantity with the
manufacturer is 60, so unless we hit that, we won't be able to fulfill your
order. We're pretty confident in our marketing, but we're just letting you
know the reality of a start-up.

Category:  Clothes  |  Address:  Lethbridge Alberta

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