Beginner Guitar Class for You! in Lethbridge, Alberta

Have you ever felt like you were never good at anything, or wouldn't amount to much? That no matter how hard you tried you were destined to always be average at anything you do? Have you ever wanted to impress your friends or your family? Or maybe you were just wanting to impress that special someone in your life.
I know how all of those things feel, and I know how rewarding it is to have the appreciation of your friends and family as you play the songs they love to hear the most. I also know how fun and exciting it is working with other musicians on music you all love and enjoy playing.
Before I started playing on a musical instrument I was in a very awkward stage of my life; I had just moved to a new city with no friends, and found myself spending more time watching TV, playing video games, and otherwise wasting my time on nothing of lasting value and importance. Until one day while on a camping trip I picked up my brothers guitar and played a chord I watched him play earlier in the day. While I don't remember if I was playing it correctly, I DO remember how much FUN that very first chord was to play. As we packed up to go home I just couldn't wait to get home and plug in my favourite My Chemical Romance CD and try to play along. I sucked, terribly. But with some dedication and hard work I made that guitar sound just a bit better than it did the day before. Then the next day I was just that little bit better than the last. That magical guitar I had picked up gave me a reason to put my effort into something bigger than me, and it also gave me more joy back than all the hard work I had put into it. I was inspired to dream, to live, and share my experiences with other struggling musicians around me.
So here, 10 years later, I want to share with you the things I've learned in that short time. Great practice, playing, and recording tips to help skyrocket your path to musical freedom faster than I could have ever imagined when I started. It took me MONTHS to figure out what palm muting even was, when a teacher could have showed me in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES how to properly execute one of the easiest and most effective guitar techniques there is.

I custom build every lesson plan based on you or your child's needs. This means getting more out of each lesson compared to cookie utter methods that other teachers usually use. The cookie cutter method is for not very serious teachers that don't genuinely care about the results that you get, as long as you keep coming back for more lessons. So when I spend my own time to build a plan around your goals and availability to practice, you know I only want the best results for my students.
Most people like learning in the comfort of their own home, so I prefer to teach from your house or preferred location (less driving for you!) Lessons can be as long and as often as you see fit, typically anywhere from (but not limited to!) once or twice a week at about 30 minute to 1 hour intervals.
So if you are young, old, female or from Mars, and are dedicated to learning a craft that you and everyone around you can enjoy, then learning to play a guitar is perfect for you! Feel free to invite your friends if they are also interested in a beginner lesson on guitar. So let me ask you, why haven't you started playing yet?

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