Start using your TFSA to make non-taxable income in Lethbridge, Alberta

Majority of people had probably heard about the TFSA ever since it was available to the general public 4 years ago, this year being the 5th year. With a maximum contribution of only 5,000 dollars per year for the last 4 years, and 5,500 dollars starting this year. The maximum contribution amount is cap at 25,500 dollars for this year.

The TFSA provides a 1.75% return on your money that is advertised by the banks to be a very reasonable saving option. However, with global inflation rate at an average of 3.40%, the 1.75% return offered by the best banks in Canada would still mean you lose on avearge a 1.40% on your savings every year. In the long run, not only are you not making money parking your money in a 1.75% interest rate TFSA, you would still be losing money year after year believing in what the banks are marketing as great "saving option" to the general public.

So enough of me ranting about how terrible the saving options offered by the banks are. I want to teach you how to take advantage of your TFSA account by investing in the Stock Market via option trading. If you only buy stocks with the maximum amount of 25,500 dollars, you will not get very far in making huge profits, because stocks usually move only a couple percents in a week or two. However, with option trading we are looking at gains upward of 60-90% per trade. Due to the fact that all capital gains are subject to no tax in your TFSA. As you gradually grow your account, you can make more and more completely tax free (even if you do decide to take out some money to spend, it will all be tax free) Canadians are offered such a good opportunity by the goverment, but almost 99% of all Canadians are not taking full advantage of their TFSA.

The services in which I offer includes giving you specific stocks to look at, specific entries to buy (Including which option strikes to buy) and where your stops should be at. I will also assist you on opening a TFSA account with an online brokerage (most of my clients are using Questrade). I will also be providing projections on what I think the US markets will do, along with gold prices, silver prices, oil prices, US treasuries and even gas prices. I strongly believe that the things I will tell/teach you is not shown anywhere on the media. I will be avoiding all the hypes spread by Wall Street, because we should all understand by now that by the time you see it on TV, it's too late to invest into that product to make money. It does not matter whether you start with 3,000 dollars or 20,000 dollars, all trades are risk defined and positioned appropriately so the losses are limited. The methods used could also be applied to a RRSP account. You will also gain instant access to my private personal twitter account for daily live updates of what I see in the overall markets.

The subscription price is $69.95/month which equates to about 2 dollars per day. That is the same price of buying one cup of large coffee at Starbucks. The informations you will get is well worth the 2 dollars a day in my honest opinion. If you want to retire with some savings, please give this a try and let me start changing your life and the way you are taught by the media on how to "save" your money.

If interested, please contact me via skype at: iroguetrader


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With 9 years of live market trading experience and a full-time trader/investor in the US market since 2009, I believe that I can help anyone manage their own savings and investments instead of letting the banks trick you into their so called "saving" options.

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