Twoflush -The Dual Flush Toilet Retrofit Kit in Lethbridge, Alberta for sale


Save Water By Converting Your Toilet into a Dual Flush Toilet
Would you like to easily save up to 24,000 liters of water every year? Europeans have been saving water using a dual flush toilet system for years. Now you can convert your existing toilet into a dual flush system easily! The TwoFlush system by Aquanotion is a dual flush toilet retrofit kit that's easy to install and will have you saving water and helping the environment, while lowering your utility bill, in no time.
Now is the time to do something to help conserve the environment. You don't need to replace your existing toilet. The TwoFlush dual flush retrofit kit by Aquanotion is all you need. Visit our site at for more information.
Save Even More Water
Aquanotion Presents: The Aquastric
Want an even simpler way to save water? The Aquastric by Aquanotion is an innovative solution that solves a problem that is often overlooked.
Most toilets, even many low flow varieties, waste water because they are limited to shutting off the water only when the fill valve closes. The Aquastric is a refill hose that contains a built in regulator that prevents wasting water because it does not depend on the fill valve to control it. This system saves water by using only as much as necessary to fill the bowl and trap.
This unique, cost effective tube installs in minutes and can save as much as two liters of water every single time you flush!
In an effort to help your pocket book and to boost the water conserving benefits of your dual flush toilet, when you buy two TwoFlush systems, you will receive one Aquastric free of charge. To take advantage of this deal visit our website at and start saving water now.
Replacement Tank
The Class-on Dual Flush Replacement Tank from Aquanotion
What if you want to completely replace your old tank with a new dual flush design? The Class-on Replacement Tank by Aquanotion is a dual flush tank completely assembled and ready to be installed on your existing toilet base.
The Class-on includes a TwoFlush dual flush system installed and flushes a full 9 liter flush or a 3.8 liter half flush. Replacing your tank is easy and does not require an expensive plumber as the Class-on comes with complete installation instructions. Visit now for more information.

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