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Item: Chinese Prosperity Coins Feng Shui Wealth Money 10pack
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Chinese Prosperity Coins are round in shape and with a square hole in the center. These ancient Chinese coins represent the powerful union between heaven and earth. When placing such coins to bring wealth, always place them with their yang side facing up. The Yang side has four Chinese characters. The reverse is the Yin side.
Alternatively, you can carry three coins tied with a red cord in your pocket, wallet or purse to bring never-ending wealth and luck. Also, you can hang nine coins above the front door of your house to attract wealth and luck into your home. Hang six coins in your car to bring happy ventures and good tidings whenever you travel.


- Front Side: Chinese characters meaning "Bring Treasures"
- Back Side: Image of a Dragon and a Pheonix
- Comes with Red Pouch
- Outer Diameter: 23mm
- Quantity: 10

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